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Winter poses a significant risk to the safety of a motorist and the vehicle. Along with winters comes the perils of uncontrolable tyre skidding on the snow-laden road. To substantially reduce these dangers, one is recommended to install winter tyres. Winter tyres are manufactured keeping the risks involved in mind while driving on the wet roads. We, at Manchester Tyre Services, understand the importance of your safety on the road. Therefore, our experts have aligned some of the best models of winter tyres Manchester at our garage. The tyres are promised with excellent grip in cold weather conditions.

What are Winter Tyres?

Normal summer tyres harden in the cold conditions and fail to maintain the necessary grip. To fight such situations efficiently, special tyres are manufactured with a softer rubber compound. Silica is added to the mix to soften the tyres a little more. The soft rubber compound doesn’t harden in freezing temperatures, and hence provide adequate traction without skidding.

Further, the tyres are provided with directional grooves that help in the enhanced evacuation of water. The grooves present in the tyres prevent aquaplaning by dissipating a large amount of water. The tyres also have small cuts known as sipes on their tread which bites onto the snow. These biting edges ensure that the tyres hold an ample amount of snow on the road. These tyres are also responsible for considerably reducing the braking distance of the vehicle.

Winter tyres are a great boon to motorists living in countries with extreme climates.

If you are not sure where to start with your own set of winter tyres, allow us to offer two of the best models available in the market:

Continental’s Winter Contact TS 870

Winter tyre with excellent directional tread, Continental’s Winter Contact TS 870 promises low fuel consumption. The tyre is manufactured keeping the various driving requirements in mind. The triple sipes concept used in these tyres offers superb braking distances.

  • High fuel efficiency due to dedicated tread
  • Lesser rolling noise for added comfort
  • Exceptional wet grip on the snow-laden road

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

With the confidence of Bridgestone, Blizzak WS90 provides performance along with safety in winters. The tyre is known for its excellent block tread that holds even the harshest road very easily. Because of the tread design, the tyre is capable of offering reduced braking distance.

  • Enhanced contact surface for better grip
  • Exceptional wear life
  • Multicell technology to avoid slippage

In case you are looking to buy any of these winter tyres Manchester, don’t forget to check out our extensive collection. Apart from mentioned tyres, we, at Manchester Tyre Services, offer a wide range of tyres from some of the renowned brands in the market.

To buy tyres online with us, follow the steps given below:

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  2. Enter the vehicle’s registration number or tyre specifications.
  3. Check the tyre models you like.
  4. Enter the address and other contact details.
  5. Make the payment and the booked tyre will reach you via mailing services.

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