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Yokohoma is one of the oldest tyre manufacturers of Japan which was established in 1917. It produces over 50 million units every year without any break and has been acknowledged as a pioneer in high-performance tyres. Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, VW, Porsche, and many more international car companies have selected Yokohoma tyres as their original equipment. 

The company produces premium tyres for lorries, cars, vans, industrial and agricultural vehicles. Every stage is carefully checked to deliver the highest quality materials from the production unit, and this tyre has stolen many driver's hearts out of its extraordinary performance. 

If you would like to drive dynamically with sporty performances, then go for Yokohoma. Drivers need not worry about surface and weather type while driving. This is because Yokohama guarantees the best performance for all-seasons. 

Below mentioned are some of the best Yokohama tyres Manchester that are sold by us.

1. Yokohama BluEarth-4S AW21

Yokohama BluEarth-4S AW21 is meticulously designed to perform on roads laden with snow and ice. Also, it performs well in rainy conditions as well, all thanks to its special groove design. The tread with a directional block layout improves the tyre’s versatility competence for a more smooth ride.

Excited to know more? Here are some brilliant features of buying Yokohama BluEarth- 4S AW21

  • An all-weather compound to provide you with adequate traction and stability on a year-long basis
  • A fuel-efficient design to enhance your car’s mileage and put less stress on the engine
  • A unique tread pattern to enable short braking distances

2. Geolandar G900

Geolander by Yokohama is a special all-season tyre that is ideal for driving on highways. Moreover, it is used as an original equipment tyre on Subaru Forester and Outback. Also, the added traction in rough weather plays a vital role in enhancing your driving experience.

Here are some more perks of buying Geolnader G900

  • Optimum gripping for both dry and wet road surfaces
  • Enhanced levels of comfort and safety
  • M+S certification to drive appropriately on muddy and snowy terrains

3. IceGUARD IG53

If you are someone who likes to drive on roads laden with heavy snow and ice, iceGuard IG53 will become your best companion on the road. Moreover, this powerful tyre is also resistant to wearing conditions.

If you are looking for some more advantages of buying IceGuard IG53, be our guest. 

  • Excellent gripping on snowy and icy road surfaces
  • Optimum traction and stability even at high speeds
  • Fuel-efficient design as the tyre puts less stress on the engine

If you wish to buy these tyres online from us, at Manchester Tyre Services, simply follow some basic steps and you will receive your desired product by mail order.

Simple steps to order your favourite tyre from us

  1. Enter your tyre’s size and dimension in our tyre finder tool
  2. Select your favourite tyre, and add it to the basket
  3. Input your name, address, and phone no
  4. Complete the payment and receive your tyre by mail order



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