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It is just not the tyres that assist in high levels of safety on the roads, it is the features offered by branded tyres that make the real difference. Usually, tyres are made of rubber but the added elements like silica become the deciding factor on the roads. Our technicians, at Manchester Tyre Services, believe in the expertise of various renowned brands like Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, etc. One such brand is Nexen Tyres Manchester. Though a late bloomer, Nexen has considerably grown over the few decades.

With its foundation dating back to 1942, Nexen has always strived for best. The researches conducted at its facilities are focused only on the future of tyre techs. Nexen comes up with innovative ideas every now and then. The innovations speak about the legend of a tyre brand and its commitment towards a better tomorrow. The company makes sure to provide excellent tyres in present as well. 

To help you with some of the best models that Nexen has to offer, allow us to provide two of its best inventions: 

N Fera SUR4G

The tyre is highly dedicated to providing race feels to the motorist. The tyre is fully equipped with Nexen’s tyre innovations that assist it with ultra-high performance on various road conditions. The diagonal block used in the tyre has better cornering capabilities because of its stiffness. The tyre is also made to last longer than most of the tyres available in the same price range. 

  • Increased braking performance due to wide ribs
  • Stable drive because of the wide central rib
  • Better resistance against aquaplaning on wet roads

N Fera AU7

The tyre is manufactured with the intent of enhancing the overall drive comfort of the ride. The tyre comes with a modified shoulder for a reduction in the noise offered by the tyre. N Fera AU7 has better wet and dry road grips. The tyre has an asymmetrical tread pattern that suffices both winters as well as summer driving conditions. 

  • N Fera AU7 has better water evacuation skills
  • Tyre has dedicated tread for a better ride comfort
  • 3D sipes provide exceptional grip on snow-laden roads. 

If the two of the mentioned tyres by Nexen have intrigued you to know more, ensure to pay a visit to our garage. We, at Manchester Tyre Services,understand the importance of a correct purchase. We store tyres from some of the best brands in the market. The tyres promise excellent control on challenging road surfaces without compromising on the performance as well.

You can also book your own Nexen tyres Manchester online with us in following simple steps.

  1. Go to the tyre finder tool present at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the tyre specification according to your need
  3. Select the model of tyre that you are looking for. 
  4. Fill in the address details along with other credentials. 
  5. Complete the payment procedure. 

The tyres will reach to you at your doorsteps by mailing services in a few days.



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