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The road safety leads to our life safety which is an undeniable fact. In order to ensure this safety, we must maintain a quality set of tyres. The quality of tyres ensures a safe road-journey. So, choosing the best tyres from renowned companies is in our hands. Michelin is one of the prominent companies that have over a century of experience in tyre manufacturing. 

Michelin has been producing tyres, mainly focusing on innovative features like fuel efficiency, safety and longevity. Over 150 million tyres are produced every year from the house of Michelin. Moreover, the brand is available across 17 countries, and the company runs 69 production outlets in as well. The company’s motto is to deliver increasingly efficient solutions to fulfil expectations of the shareholders and customers. 

Keeping the requirements of its valuable customers in mind, Michelin tyres Manchester introduced many models. Have a look below to know about the different Michelin tyres that you can bag from our garage.

Some of the best Michelin tyres sold at our garage

1. Michelin CrossClimate+

If you want to drive peacefully in all weather conditions, Michelin CrossClimate+ will become a beneficial choice for you. This performance tyre perfectly provides a top-notch performance to the motorists and superior safety in all types of weather. Michelin CrossClimate+ is approved to use in snowy conditions and provides an outstanding grip on the wet roads all throughout the year. 

Below mentioned are some of the more advantages of buying Michelin CrossClimate+.

  • Enhanced grip on wet and dry roads
  •  Superior traction for driving on icy roads
  •  Next level of safety because of its unique tread

2. Michelin Energy Saver+

This model has been specially designed to increase the fuel-efficiency for your cars. According to several internal tests by Michelin, energy saver+ is known to save about 60 per cent extra fuel as compared to its predecessors. Moreover, the tyre comes with ECO ‘N’ technology to better dissipate the heat while driving.

If you are looking to know about some more features of Energy Saver+, allow us to acquaint you with them.

  • Reduced fuel consumption and enhanced performance, all thanks to its unique groove
  •  Low rolling resistance and improved acceleration because of its special tread design
  • Excellent gripping capabilities because of its optimised profile geometry

3. Michelin Latitude Sport

Michelin Latitude Sport tyre is an ultra-performance tyre that is specially designed for SUV and 4X4 vehicles. Moreover, this tyre is capable of providing you with smooth and comfortable driving experience, even at high speeds. 

If you are excited to know more about the advantages of buying Latitude sport, be our guest.

  • Supreme comfort and agility, all thanks to Michelin’s modern technology
  • Excellent handling and stability at high speeds
  • Improved safety and mobility because of special groove design

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We, at Manchester Tyre Services, host a plethora of Michelin tyres that you buy from. All you need to do is, follow some simple steps, and we will deliver them right at your doorstep.

Steps to order your favourite tyres from us

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  2. Add your favourite tyre to the basket
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