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Roads are the ultimate test that a tyre has to undergo. One myth that has been prevalent since people started driving is that brakes are responsible for stopping the car. However, this is not reality. The component of the car that is responsible for stopping the car is the tyre. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that a person’s safety on the road is dependent on the choice of tyres a person makes. It is because of these reasons, the decision for selecting the tyres to be fitted onto a vehicle is an important one.

We, at Manchester Tyre Services,take every component of the car seriously. We have a team of experts who provide all the necessary assistance in the selection of the tyres. Keeping the importance of tyres in mind, we offer high-quality products like Maxxis tyres for our customers. 

Maxxis Tyres Manchester is one of the most trusted tyre brands across the industry. It has been known for delivering top-notch products based on customer requirements. It hasoutlets across more than 180 countries.

Some of the best quality tyres that are offered by the organisation are as follows

Victra MA-510

This tyre offered by the organisation has an aggressive tread design. It has four circumferential grooves which are responsible for providing top of the line wet traction and water dispersion.

  • Aquaplaning and wet handling get reduced because of one of the best tread designs
  • Comfortable ride with reduced noise is delivered by the multi-pitch tread
  • Design of the central tread pattern is such that it provides stability during high speed
  • Improved handling performance because of large shoulder block designs that improves the ground contact

All-Season AP2

This tyre can be considered as the true European all-season tyres for winter. It has the latest construction and compound for enhanced handling and speed stability. 

  • V-shaped directional grooves offered in this product are responsible for additional traction during snowy and wet conditions
  • Steel belt construction offers optimal contact patch for better handling during all the seasons
  • Sipes of high-density improve the grip of the tyre on the road during icy and snowy conditions
  • Impact resistance is improved by the double-layer high strength belts

Mecotra ME3

For compact passenger cars, it is one of the highest-selling tyres due to its fuel-saving capacity.

  • Improved contact patch enhances the handling in the wet conditions
  • Latest 3D sipe technology remains open during road contact thereby leading to a reduction in the risk of aquaplaning
  • Offers NanoScience Technology compound.
  • Comfortable ride with new energy-saving sidewall design.

Victra Sport 5 VS5

This product is developed for people who look for a fashionably attractive appearance.

  • Provides excellent grip in wet and dry conditions due to a highly dispersed full silica compound
  • Latest optimised sidewall offers extra strength without any compromise on comfort
  • Extremely lightweight due to the new aramid/nylon play layer

These are some of the products of Maxxis Tyres Manchester which are offered by us. We, at Manchester Tyre Services, have a wide range of products available depending on the needs of the consumer.



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