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We read about thousands of road accidents every year. One of the vital factors, which are common in these accidents, is the failure to pay attention to the tyre. Nearly twenty percent of the accidents happening across the globe happen due to tyre failure. Having the best brakes in the vehicle would not help if the tyres of the vehicle are not good. To have sufficient friction between the tyre and the road surface, the tyres must be of the highest quality.

People are in a habit of assuming that the tyres which they have in the vehicles are already correct. They do not realise that unless the tyres are purchased based on the requirements of roads and seasons, they can prove to be fatal. We, at Manchester Tyre Service, keep the tyres that cover all the needs of a customer. We have a wide range of products including top brand tyres like Matador Tyres Manchester.

Matador has successfully been able to not only establish but sustain itself at the pinnacle of the automotive industry. Having an overall experience of more than 110 years gives them an edge over other competitors. They have products that cover all weather conditions and segments.

Given below is a glimpse of some of the MatadorTyre products 

MP72 Izzarda A/T 2

This tyre is specifically designed for the people who like adventure and drive their vehicles in all terrain conditions. The tyre from Matador is famous for its off-road durability.

  • Te tyre offers excellent traction
  • Offers a high level of damage resistance
  • Provides off-road riding comfort along with a significant reduction in the noise

MP 62 All-Weather Evo

Some customers do not want to change their tyres because of the weather conditions due to reasons like the budget problem. For such customers, Matador offers MP 62 All-Weather Evo which can be used in all the weather conditions. 

  • Offers a reduced risk of aquaplaning which is a grave area of concern
  • Improved traction and braking performance in all weather conditions
  • Provides customers with the stability in driving irrespective of the weather conditions

MP 47 Hectora 3

People often think that the mileage of the car is not dependent on the type of tyres fitted in their vehicles. This is a wrong notion to believe. Tyres play a pivotal role in increasing the mileage of the vehicle. MP 47 Hectora 3is manufactured keeping mileage and safety on the wet roads in mind.

  • Offers increased mileage capacity of the vehicle
  • Provides the customers with a short braking distance along with great handling
  • Improves the level of safe driving in wet conditions

We, at Manchester tyre Service, work towards attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction, thus, we offer a wide range of Matador Tyres Manchester and other branded products to the customers based on their specific needs. 



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