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Negligence in taking care of the vehicle parts can have severe consequences for anyone who drives. One of the most overlooked parts of a vehicle is its tyres. People don’t realise the importance of tyres in their vehicles. Tyres play a vital role in ensuring safety on the road. Hankook tyres know the importance of tyres in a vehicle and thus manufacture tyre products to meet all the requirements. 

Hankook tyres have a long and proud history of 70 years and are constantly paving the way for the future. Hankook is committed to providing all possible solutions to the problems encountered by the consumers. As a global organisation, it has production facilities all around the world.

Hankook tyres Manchester has a motto of keeping customers first. Keeping their motto in mind, they have introduced several tyre products. Below mentioned are some of the best Hankook tyres that we sell.

1. Ventus RS3 (Z222)

Excellent lap time and supreme stability are what makes Ventus RS3 an ideal tyre. Moreover, the tyre also provides optimum gripping to its users for driving on slippery roads. Also, if you seek complete control over the road, this performance will become your best companion on the road.

In case, you are looking to know about some more perks of buying Ventus RS3, have a look below to acquaint yourself with them

  • It offers a wide two steel belt.
  • It has a 2PLY carcass structure for dissipating heat build-up.
  • It increases high-speed stability along with road contact.

2. Ventus S1 EVO2

This product offers a precise and controlled cornering while driving at high speeds. Moreover, Ventus S1 EVO2 offers an eco-friendly performance by reducing the rolling resistance as well. 

Below mentioned are some of the precise features that come along buying Ventus S1 EVO2

  • Improved wet and dry traction through high grip silica compound.
  • It offers optimum wet and dry handling because of a wide steel belt layer.
  • It has great steering and handling response because of high stiffness bead filters.

3. Ventus V12 EVO2

This Hankook product is for drivers who like to express themselves and have their own unique style. Moreover, it is also known for delivering top-notch performance even at high speeds.

In case, you want to know more about the advantages of buying Ventus V12 EVO, be our guest.

  • It offers improved sidewall stiffness and durability because of the high-density polyester carcass.
  • It offers enhanced mobility and optimum agility to its customers
  • Enhanced braking performance, all thanks to its unique groove pattern

We, at Manchester tyre Services, keep the customer requirement our top priority. Thus we offer a broad range of Hankook tyres for the customers to choose from.

If you wish to buy these tyres online from us, simply follow some steps and you will receive your favourite tyre by mail order.

Steps to order your favourite tyre from us

  • Type your car’s license no.or tyre’s size in our tyre finder tool
  • Add your desired tyre to the basket
  • Enter your name, phone no, and address in the next step
  • Finish the payment and get your tyres delivered.



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