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As per the World Health Organization, the number of people dying due to road accidents has increased by many folds. Thus, road safety has become extremely important. One of the important components which people usually miss while talking about road safety is tyres. Right from transferring the power of the engine on the road to absorbing the impact of the uneven road surfaces, tyres play a very important role. Thus, it is highly advisable to have the best set of tyres in one’s vehicle. Realising the importance of tyres and creating awareness among the customers makes Manchester Tyre Services a one-stop solution for purchasing tyres. We are known to provide our customers with the best products that are available in the market. It is because of this reason, we offer our customers a wide range of Goodyear Tyres Manchester

Goodyear is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world. The organisation started in the year 1898 and is still going strong in the present day with constant innovation in the technology of tyre manufacturing. It would not be wrong to say that this company sets the standards for other players in the industry to follow. 

Based on the requirements of the customer, Goodyear offers a variety of tyre products

Goodyear Wrangler Triplemax

As customer-driven needs are the centre of innovation at Goodyear, WranglerTriplemax was manufactured accrodingly. The use of this tyre promotes safe driving across any road condition. This tyre has an improved version of the hydro grip technology. It has an innovative tread design along with a superior grip on the road. This tyre also delivers superior braking performance. 

  • Large blocks with an increased number of biting edges
  • 2-ply construction in the sidewall area
  • Wide face cavity

Goodyear Wrangler AT Silenttrac

This tyre from Goodyear offers superior durability off the road along with providing comfort and great mileage.

  • Angled block design
  • Optimised cavity shape
  • Thick rubber layer under the tread to absorb the vibrations

Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance SUV Tyre

This tyre offered by Goodyear boasts of superior comfort and top-notch wet performance. It can deliver a high-level performance due to FlexContact and QuietTred technologies. Fitting this tyre gives a long-lasting comfortable experience to the customer along with reduced noise. 

  • Increased number of pitches and optimised distribution
  • Closed grooves and shoulder design
  • Heavy gauge under the tread and barrier gum strip

Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 Tyre

This tyre is specially developed by the company for people who want something extra in the performance. The tyre provides the customer with top-notch hydroplaning traction and resistance making it one of the best products across the tyre manufacturing industry for wet conditions. 

  • Superior handling is provided by one tread design for reduced squirm along with dry and wet handling
  • Outstanding brake performance due to the AquaSIL tread compound
  • Extreme V-tread design is responsible for providing comfortable, quiet, and superior wet traction

The products given above are only some of the wide range of Goodyear Tyres Manchester offered by Manchester Tyre Services. We are a one-stop solution for all your tyre needs.



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