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Firestone Tyre Company was established with a focus to provide quality service. It was how the company developed the non-skid tread pattern in 1909. The company has helped the drivers win the Indianapolis 500 for more than sixty times and still counting. Firestone has a huge and long history in the racing sector and enjoyed an enormous success on Indy car race circuits than any other tyre brand.

It demonstrated the performance, high quality and safety of the tyres at soaring speeds as well as on regular roads. Firestone has a vision of manufacturing tyres of the highest quality and it combines, both, safety and performance to produce a range of economical tyres which are always perfect for small & medium-sized cars. 

We can say one of the oldest companies in the world of tyres is Firestone. You can see a heap of tyres in its garage ready for outlet sales. The company introduces many tyre models according to the requirement of its drivers.

A few tyre models are briefed below for you:

Winterhawk 3

The tyre was designed primarily for passenger cars. You can get a guarantee for short braking distances on wet roads. It is designed in such a way that balanced force distribution is placed within the tyre. It means the tread wears slowly and evenly. It is assured that a complete performance can be achieved throughout the life irrespective of the figures on milometer. The directional tread is majorly responsible for the evacuation of slush and snow. Presence of the V-shaped grooves clear water efficiently.

  • Better dry braking and low handling
  • Great grip on the snow
  • Enhanced longevity


Firestone's Multiseason tyre is specially designed to resist wearing all year round irrespective of any weather. It is compliant with winter-tyre legislation in the relevant countries. So, you can have peace of mind by keeping a single set of tyres that will offer better traction in winters as well. If you would like to save your time and money on seasonal tyre changes, this model is the right option. Safe, comfortable drive all year round can be achieved only by Firestone’s Multiseason tyre. The tyre is capable of delivering outstanding driving traits, even in the time of sudden weather changes. Using Nano-ProTech technology many grooves are made in the tread pattern which supports the tyre to drain the water in a fast and efficient way.

  • Amazing performances throughout the year 
  • All season convenience
  • Comply with winter-tyre legislation


This is a durable model that performs excellently in all weather conditions. The tyre ensures wet and dry grip with asymmetrical tread which improves driving safety. You can certainly drive safely with Firestone TZ300. This is an upgraded version of Firestone TZ200 in terms of safety and comfortability. The tyres produce less vibration out of its reduced stiffness and soft lateral wall thus driving comfort is immensely obtained. In the case of water drainage, the performance of symmetric tread is appreciable. The longitudinal grooves combined with transverse notches ensure smooth drainage.

  • Comfortable braking system
  • Reduced braking distances in wet & dry conditions
  • Suited option for high-end cars

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