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If a person is underestimating the importance of tyres then he/she is making a big mistake as tyres are the only contact of the vehicle with the road. The first thing which is guaranteed if a person has a good tyre is safety and comfort. Thus purchasing tyres of the highest quality, eliminates most of the risks on the road.

Mostly the consumers get confused in tyre type and which brand to purchase. We, at Manchester Tyre Services, can relate with the feelings of the customers due to extravagant experience in the domain. We aim to provide the best quality products and services to our customers. We rely on branded products like Continental Tyres Manchester when one speaks about quality.

One of the leading manufacturers of passenger and light truck tyres in Europe is Continental Tyres. This organisation also has the experience of production and development of the bicycle tyres for over 100 years. This fact makes it a unique organisation in the tyre manufacturing and production industry. The organisation has more than 200,000 highly trained and skilled employees in more than 310 locations and nearly 50 countries. Based on the requirements of the customer, Continental Tyres offers a variety of products.

Given below are some of the best models of tyres which we have in store for our customers:

ContiComfortContact CC5

This tyre is for people who want to drive comfortably and safely. There is nothing better than enjoying a long drive with a loved one. This product offers top-notch performance if you are looking for a peaceful and safe driving experience irrespective of the condition of the road. This tyre provides additional features like reduction in the noise level without any compromise on the performances. This product offers optimised performance and driving comfort.

  • To adapt to the roughness of the road it has a better rubber compound
  • It offers smooth rolling all around the circumference

ContiMaxContact MC5

If someone is looking for balanced performance of the tyre in, both, wet and dry conditions, ContiMaxContact MC5 is the best that Continental Tyres has to offer to a customer. It would not be wrong to say that this is the best product across the industry in terms of wet and dry handling. The tyres also provides vast reduction in the noise levels. This product offers the best dry handling and speed stability.

  • Enhanced performance due to better wet grip of the tread.
  • It has highly optimised contact area for handling and stability.

ContiSportContact 5P

It is one of the best tyre products for people having sports and high-performance vehicles. This tyre offers outstanding grip and stability while cornering, optimal sporty handling and steering precision.

  • Best handling capabilities
  • No delay in response on the dry roads
  • No under steering behaviour on the wet roads

We, at Manchester Tyres Services, have a wide variety of Continental Tyres Manchester to choose from and with our dedicated team, we can make the tyre selection easy for you.



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