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When you reckon the world’s top tyre brands, Bridgestone will certainly acquire a place in your roaster. Bridgestone provides tyres for lorries, cars, agricultural vehicles, and motorcycles. Bridgestone has become the symbol of quality tyres due to its emphasis on technological advancement and innovations. Many luxurious car companies such as Porsche, Volvo, and Mercedes always stand behind Bridgestone for its commitment to safety and efficiency. Every tyre undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee that all the product from the house meets the company’s outstanding and high safety standards.

Across the world, innumerable motorists choose Bridgestone Tyres as the premium tyres for their vehicles due to their quality.

Some of the popular Bridgestone’s models recommended for you are:

Ecopia EP001S

It is one of the forerunner products of the Ecopia series. It is regarded as the best tyre for wet conditions in its price range. Due to its ability to provide excellent grip in wet conditions, Ecopia EP001S tyre has been rated ‘A’ by EU tyre labels under the wet grip labelling. It works to reduce a car’s carbon footprint and is specially designed to offer low-rolling-resistance. Rigid tread pattern promotes even wears for longer life of the tyre. As a safety measure, long horizontal sipes are provided for better wet braking. Water is effectively cleared by wide longitudinal grooves to make sure that the tyre provides a safe grip on the wet surfaces. The tyre also guarantees enhanced stability because of round shoulder blocks.

  • Imparts low rolling resistances
  • Provides the best performance under wet conditions
  • Known for its stability due to round shoulder blocks
  • Best summer tyre for compact cars

Potenza Adrenalin RE002

Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 is a premium tyre offering incredible performance to give the driver a fabulous driving experience. To increase mileage, rolling-resistance has been reduced considerably. Fuel efficiency is also improved by the optimised rolling resistance. The tyre also provides high braking and steering responsivity. One will enjoy great travelling comfort with a significant reduction in the noise levels.

  • Supports advanced technology designs
  • Provides perfect grip under wet conditions
  • Supports perfect cornering precisions and control
  • Enhances fuel efficiency due to the lowering of rolling resistance

Turanza T001 Evo

Representing the blend of innovative design and quality manufacturing of Bridgestone, Turanza T001 Evo is a long-distance tyre. This tyre is designed to deliver all-round performance and imparts admirable dry and wet road performances. The tread of the tyre is designed with a wide range of water evacuation grooves to mitigate the peril of aquaplaning. Mainly, Turanza T001 Evo focuses on the ride comfort to offer balanced handling.

  • Reduction of the rolling resistance for better fuel economy
  • Flat contact profile increases the tyre’s life up to 15%
  • Resistant to uneven wear
  • Quieter ride especially for long distances

Blizzak LM001

Blizzak LM001 is a perfect winter tyre that suits accurately to the winter months. It is known for providing excellent traction on dry, and wet roads in cold conditions. It features a “full lug” design which provides better braking and snow traction. The company’s latest sipe design gives more “edge effect” on slippery surfaces. Also, this latest sipe design provides even wearing of the tyre; thus, increases the long life of the tyre. The tyre has horn-shaped grooves that help in clearing the water, or mud away from the contact patch.

  • Precise steering
  • lowers CO2 emission and improves fuel economy
  • Excellent grip on snow-covered roads
  • More pitches help in reducing noise emissions.

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