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Winter is not the only extreme a tyre has to face when on road. With the warm summers, come the attached challenges as well. Regular tyres in summer wear out faster than in any other weather. The increased amount of heat can easily accredit to the cause. To cater to such extreme conditions, special tyres are manufactured with the help of hard rubber compounds known as summer tyres. We, at Manchester Tyre Services, understand the importance of your hard-earned money. Therefore, recommend our customers to buy high-quality summer tyres to prevent unwanted expense on frequent replacements.

What are summer tyres?

To effectively suffice the driving requirements of a motorist on hot summer days, summer tyres come to the rescue. These tyres are made from a hard synthetic rubber compound that is made to bear very extreme heat. The tyres don’t wear out easily because of the friction offered by the road. Further to enhance the performance of these tyres, a symmetrical tread pattern is used. The tyres also possess slick tread to provide great manoeuvrability on dry roads.

As summer tyres Manchester are manufactured from hard rubber compound, they offer less rolling resistance to the vehicle. Lower rolling resistance means lesser power needed to provide a required amount of acceleration. Thus, summer tyres greatly increase the fuel efficiency of the car. If maintained properly, summer tyres come with the promise of serving a motorist for 5-7 years. Summer tyres not only perform brilliantly on dry roads, but some of them are also made to remain safe on wet roads as well.

There are numerous benefits of using summer tyres.

Hence, to offer the best summer tyres in the market, allow us to acquaint you with two of the outstanding summer tyre models:

Bridgestone Potenza RE 71R

A new entrant in the world-renowned Potenza series of Bridgestone, RE 71R comes with a dedicated tread compound to offer excellent road contact. The enhanced road contact offered by the tyre is responsible for imparting exceptional grip on the roads. This tyre is capable of providing unmatched performance on wet as well as dry roads.

  • Superb water evacuation
  • Better steering response
  • Outstanding braking distances

Michelin Primacy 4

An adequate fit for the SUVs and passenger cars, Michelin’s Primacy 4 is made to cater to a wide range of vehicle types. With EverGrip technology used in the tyre, safety is confirmed.

  • Longer service life
  • Accurate handling even when worn out
  • Excellent wet braking

That is not all. We, at Manchester Tyre Services, offer an extensive range of summer tyres Manchester to choose from. To know more about our collection, make sure to contact one of our experts today.

If you wish to purchase tyres online with us, follow the steps:

  1. Locate the tyre finder tool.
  2. Enter the registration number or tyre specifications.
  3. Choose the model you like.
  4. Fill in the address details.
  5. Complete the payment.

The purchased tyres will reach you in a matter of a few days via mailing services.

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