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A flat tyre has been a pestilence ever since you acquaint yourself with the world of automobiles. The issue is sudden, unpredictable, and can cause the worst possible outcomes.

The tyre can become flat over time through gradual leakage, or blow out in an instant.

To tackle this situation, manufacturers all around the world had sweated and endeavoured to find a solution to this problem as soon as it arises. This gave birth to the ‘run-flat technology’. It allows the vehicle to run on a flat tyre for a certain distance at a certain speed.

This technology has revolutionised the way we see our day to day commute. Here are some of the most amazing run flat tyres Manchester has witnessed till date:


It is a car tyre Landsail can be vehemently proud of. The LS588 is the latest instalment in the Landsail series. This tyre was made to achieve excellent performance results while lasting long. Being a run-flat tyre gives it the reliability and the utility to be used over longer distances. Given below are some of the reasons why you should choose this tyre:

  • The tread compound used is helpful in increasing the fuel-efficiency by decreasing rolling resistance.
  • The tread design is made with computer-aided graphics and design. The nuances in the angular orientation of the tread elements and their optimizations are, therefore, almost perfect.
  • The grooves both laterally and longitudinally. This mesh is an upgraded feature that enhances wet and dry grip. The grip is further enhanced because of a flatter contact area, improving stability and handling.
  • The additional grooves and sipes also help in avoiding aquaplaning, maintaining safety on the road.


As the name suggests, Goodyear EfficientGrip is all about how well it can stick to the ground. But that’s not all! With the RunOnFlat technology, this becomes one of the most dependable tyres on- and off-road. You can drive on a flat tyre for up to 50 miles at not more the 50 mph of speed. We’ve listed some of the reasons below that make it an awesome tyre:

  • Efficientgrip has been blessed with FuelSaving Technology. This technology involves a lighter structure and an upgraded tread material. With this combination, the effort to roll the tyre, and consequent fuel-consumption, are reduced. This simply translates into better mileage for your car. Also, less burning of fuel means less carbon dioxide emission.
  • The silica-based compound used in the tread offers a longer life to the tyre. Which means that it is, all-in-all, a money-saving tyre for you, where you don’t need to spend on a tyre change, retreading and even fuel.
  • The blades are arrayed in a way to allow maximum water exit. The tread surface is also made to create better responsiveness and grip in wet and dry conditions. The braking distance is also shortened.
  • The block design makes the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable.


In terms of tyre manufacturers, Bridgestone is as big as they come. Being the leading tyre maker of the world. It cannot afford to stay behind in the race of innovations. When technologies like ‘run-flat’ had taken the world by storm, Bridgestone capitalised on the opportunity and came up with Potenza S001. here are some the key features to make you fall in love with it.

  • Cornering becomes easier with the high-angled shoulder blocks. The shoulder blocks are stiffer and help in effective braking.
  • Potenza S001 has a rib tread that is placed off-centre. The tread thus ensures immaculate stability at high speeds and bring out an outstanding response and accuracy from your tyre. 
  • The lug grooves are maintained at high angles. This aids in easy expulsion of water and also prevents the deformation of blocks. When you combine this feature with broader grooves, the water expulsion is even more rapid.
  • The S001 has structural integrity supported by a belt that is not very heavy. The groove design, lug angle and uniform pattern help in noise-reduction. 

With these many features along with the ability to run flat, these tyres can definitely pull you out of dire straits. You can avail the best run flat tyres Manchester has ever seen, only at Manchester Tyre Services. But if you have already succumbed yo a flat tyre and can’t bring your car here, well, we have something for you: 

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