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puncture repair

Everyone who has a vehicle is aware of the term puncture. When the tyre of a vehicle develops a hole which leads to leaking of air to such an extent that the tyre becomes flat is when you know a tyre puncture has occurred. A flat tyre would not have any air left in it. It would stop the vehicle from moving along while causing damage to the tyre permanently. 

If the tyre of a car gets punctured then there are possibilities that a person driving the car might lose control over the vehicle. Thus, the repairing of the tyre that got punctured is quite important. However, puncture repairing should be done by people who are experts in the domain. 

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Causes of tyre puncture

  • If the tread of the tyre has become thin due to the wear and tear then it can lead to tyre punctures.
  • If the tyre pressure is not right then it might make them more vulnerable to sharp objects. In such cases visit the nearby service centre that offers puncture repair. 
  • The debris on the road like sharp rocks, wires, nails, etc. can lead to puncturing of the tyres.

Things to do if a tyre gets punctured while driving

  • A person should slow down the vehicle immediately and stop on the side of the road.
  • A person should not keep going even if there is a gas station nearby as this could not only damage the tyre permanently but also can lead to losing the control of the vehicle.

Conditions in which the tyres cannot be repaired

  • If the tread punctures of the tyre are more than 6mm.
  • If the rubber of the tyre is worn out and is in a deteriorated condition.
  • If the tread depth of the tyres is less than 1.6mm.

Thus, a piece of expert advice is necessary to determine whether the punctured tyre should be repaired or not.

Repairing of the punctures

There are three main principles which govern the repairing of the 


  • Evaluating the damage done to the tyre by the object.
  • The airtight seal of tyre’s inner line should be re-established.
  • A patch should be applied to fill the path which was taken by the object to go into the tyre.

The tools which are required to repair the puncture include:

  • Pliers
  • Carjack
  • Tyre repair puncture kit
  • A lug wrench with pry bar edges and socket

Now the following steps should be followed to repair the puncture of the car tyre:

  • First, the tyre should be taken off the car. A tyre should not be repaired if it still attached to the vehicle.
  • The tyre should be examined thoroughly both on the inside and on the outside for a detailed analysis of the damage.
  • The third step involves finding the spot of the puncture and removing the object which caused it. It should be done carefully so that no further damage is caused to the tyres.
  • The puncture path or the hole should be filled. 
  • The repair of the tyre’s inner liner must also be done. It must be cleaned, patched, and sealed to prevent any loss of air.
  • Before attaching the tyre to the vehicle one must ensure that the patch which has been applied is completely dry.

It is because of this in-depth knowledge of the experts at Manchester Tyre Services, that we have become the go-to destination for thousands of customers.

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