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When on road, the brakes of a car become one of the most essential components to road safety. Brakes provide the necessary stopping force to the tyres. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that they are maintained each time one takes the vehicle to the road. At Manchester Tyre Services, your safety is our priority. Hence, we offer exceptional brake repair and replacement services. To get your brake repair Manchester done now, ensure to book an appointment with us today.

How to decipher a corrupt brake?

There are a lot of symptoms that can be observed to judge the health of brakes.

Allow us to help you with most common of them:

Brake Lights

Modern cars are installed with high tech computers that can easily decode any faults in the various parts. As a sign to these malfunctions, lights are provided on the dashboard. One is recommended to take their car to a mechanic as soon as the brake light is on. Also, one should never delay the brake repair procedures to maintain high levels of safety on the roads.

Squealing Sound

To complete the braking mechanism, brake pads are forced against the rotor attached to the wheels. These brake pads are made up of rubber. Due to the enormous heat generated between the rubber and rotor, this rubber tends to wear out. Further, as the rubber wears, metal mounting of pads are exposed to the rotors. When the metal clashes with the metal, squealing sound are heard. If you are experiencing the same, drive your vehicle to us today.


It is often seen that on the application of brakes, the whole vehicle starts to shake randomly. It is no random vibrations. The main culprit behind a vibrating vehicle is a warped rotor. The brake pads don’t adjust to the deformed rotor, and hence the vibrations occur. It is dangerous to drive with a warped rotor on the roads. Therefore, one must get it mended immediately.

Loss of pressure

Last but not the least; loss of pressure in the brake pedal is a clear indication of fluid leaks. The brake system consists of various housings and links that transfer the pressure of the pedal to the pads. To enhance this pressure, hydraulics are used. The fluid is responsible for increasing the effects of the pressure applied on the pedal. Any leak in the housing will result in the reduced fluid, and hence the spongy pedal.

In order to prevent brake pads wearing, motorists are recommended to avoid sudden braking. The smoother the braking procedure will be, the longer the brakes will serve a vehicle. One should also make sure that the fluids are topped up for expected safety on the roads.

In case you are experiencing the same signs as mentioned above, don’t delay for a day. Drive your vehicle to us now. We, at Manchester Tyre Services, know the importance of the braking system of a car. Therefore, our experts have gained the necessary skill over the years to come up with best brake repair Manchester solutions. To know more about the service, feel free to contact us.

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