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Wheels are an essential part of our vehicles as they ensure our utmost safety and comfort while driving on the road. Be it steel wheels or be it alloy wheels, all of them are designed to provide a plethora of benefits to its user. While the steel wheels are known for their endurance, alloy wheels work to enhance your car’s overall appearance and performance on the road. However, being a machine, even your car’s wheels need frequent repairing and alignment, in order to serve you better. Over time, your car’ s wheels are prone to lose their alignment and cause you several issues.

We, at Manchester Tyre Services, are committed to superiority. Therefore, we host a wonderful alignment service for your car, known as laser wheel alignment Manchester. Moreover, we also provide a specialised four-wheel alignment for your SUV and four-wheel drive cars.

In case, you are new to the world of automobiles, allow us to make you aware of the concept of laser wheel alignment manchester.

What is laser wheel alignment?

Laser wheel alignment is an expert service procedure that is performed at our auto-garage. This service works to ensure proper alignment of angles within your wheels. The main purpose of this procedure is to align your wheel’s camber, caster and toe angles into proportion. Furthermore, our experts use a laser wheel alignment that is guaranteed to align the angles of your wheels in a more accurate manner.

The procedure begins with attaching your car’s wheels with brackets. Once the brackets are attached, our experts shine a beam of laser light from bracket to another. Depending on an alignment scale, our mechanics can quickly identify any wheel misalignment and works to correct it.

However, being a car owner, you must be aware of the reasons that lead your car’s wheels to lose its alignment.

Reasons for a misalignment in wheels

Height alteration of vehicle: A majority of car owners like to modify the height of their car, in order to achieve superior performances and looks. However, you must keep in mind that your vehicle is designed to work with the original suspension settings. Any height alteration can disrupt your suspension’s original settings, and, in turn, cause wheel misalignment.

Sudden impacts on the suspension: Your car’s suspension is a delicate mechanism. Therefore, any sudden impacts, such as hitting any pothole or kerb can easily misalign the angles of your wheels.

Irregular car service: Being a car owner, you must ensure regular servicing for your car. Any irregularities in car servicing often lead your car’s suspension springs to deteriorate, and in turn disrupt your car’s wheel alignment.

A quick and reliable solution

Our garage, Manchester Tyre Services, host a wonderful team of trained mechanics that are guaranteed to correct your car’s wheel alignment in just a few minutes. If you wish to book an appointment with us. Simply email to us, at

We operate from Monday to Friday, between 08:00am to 5:30pm, and on Saturdays, we work from 8:30am to 01:00pm.

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